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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Better Multiplayer in 1.4c

Latest release's main focus was a more accurate and robust multiplayer engine. Formation flight is now, hopefully, much more accurate and aircraft interpolation smoother. A couple of bugs were also fixed in the chat UI. Please note that chat messages are now appearing at the top of the screen and scrolling down (reversed).

Thanks to the accuracy of the new multiplayer, I have noticed and taken down a major historical bug that was probably lurking in GEFS from the very beginning. Physics timing was not entirely frame-rate independent: a slower frame-rate would result in a slightly slower aircraft!

This is all fixed and everybody should be able to fly in sync with the same performance.

Have a nice flight!


  1. when will you get cloud cover the basic cloud cover is not very good it be nice to see some clouds in the sky like the real thing as your soaring across the sky

  2. how do u change the weather?!

  3. Wow, Xavier I am really impressed that you were able to do so well migrating GEFS off the google earth plugin. I had left GEFS and forgot all about it but now my interest is spiking! Since I had left GEFS I had done lots of practicing with 3D models texturing and rendering and I am really excited to see what's coming next with GEFS since it is off the google plugin. If you ever need a hand with any modeling or texturing let me know! or

  4. Why the old gefs online 1.0 is not here?

    1. Old GEFS (Google Earth based) is no longer. The Google Earth Plugin has been shut down by Google. Sorry. The good news is: you can play the new GEFS running on CesiumJS! Enjoy.

  5. I think cesium js will be the new google earth 3d. Only lack to add to the ambient 3d the buildings, bridges, trees and other elements leaving the simulator even more realistic. Let's wait.